Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter Greetings and Blessings

 David Whyte
32 mins · 

The blessing of the morning light to you,
may it find you even in your invisible
appearances, may you be seen to have risen
from some other place we intuit and know
in the darkness and that that carries all we need.
May you see what is hidden in you
as a place of hospitality and shadowed shelter,
may that hidden darkness be your gift to give,
may you hold the shadow to the light
and the silence of that place to the word of the light,
may you join all of your previous disappearances
with this new appearance, this new morning,
this being seen again, new and newly alive.

David Whyte: Easter Morning 2015
In Memoriam John O’Donohue
Photo © David Whyte July 2014
Sun Through Gate
Littondale Yorkshire.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 29, 2015 and Still Building Fires

We have had a few days this week that were just wonderful---sunny and warm.  It seems that this has been the longest, grayest Winter that I can remember, so these days were sheer gems and I spent them, whole days, outside.  Then the cold came to visit again and we've had 27 degs and 19 degs the last two mornings.  And so chilly in this house that I have built fires again the last couple of days.  NOW, the sun is out, it has warmed up to 44 degs, a veritable heat wave, and I have been able to turn the blower off on the woodstove.  Totally awesome...

Friday, February 27, 2015


How quickly another birthday has winged its way to its destination.  The day itself lingers no longer than the flighty little Chickadee alights, grabs a single seed, and away it darts with its morsel.  The years are on a lightning-quick trek now too.  One zips into the next so quickly that I have a hard time keeping the seasonal decorations swapped out.  My special day yesterday was just that---so very special.  On the eve of

my birthday, Owls sang happy birthday to me at dusk.  Yesterday, on the day of my birth, the Bald Eagle soared by writing birthday stories and greetings on the wind.  Friends and family, both near and far, both old and new, joined in the merry-making of one very special day, creating memories of shared laughter and delight to be carried into the coming days, and hours, and minutes, to be pulled out and enjoyed whenever this birthday girl needs the minutes of daily life to be a bit brighter.  Really, could any one hope for more on their own special day?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Beautiful but Treacherous

The main difference in yesterday and today is that today we are getting fresh snow on top of the ice---and the winds are 15 to 25 mph---we have been blessed with our power not going off the last two days but today may be a different story with the winds ripping through here. 

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Spring Fever

aand then the clouds and wind came.

Friday, January 30, 2015

One More Day

     and we will be closing the chapter titled January 2015.  We have had all kinds of weather---from bone-chilling, wet cold to sunny, warmer than normal(?) days.  The woodstove is always warm and welcoming, whatever the weather, when one is in January. 
     We have all recovered from the crud that we dealt with for what seemed like an inordinately long time.  We were so happy to usher it back out the door...
     My beloved has been struggling since last October with doctors; seems once that particular ball gets to rolling, it's like a never-ending ball of yarn that was dropped.  You hardly have one appt out of the way, only to glance at the calendar and see that there is another one looming.  The doctors are having a hard time reaching a conclusive diagnosis on him, but whatever it is that is attacking his body, it didn't just start last October.  Diseases such as polymyalgia rheumatica, Giant Cell Arteritis, and even more scary, the rare disorder called Wegener's Disease, are being discussed.  They readily admit that they don't know what causes these diseases, and there is no real cure for them either.  They are treating him with a large dose of prednisone right now, while discussing some drugs that are used for cancer patients.  It is just one day at a time, which is all that any of us has anyway, right?
     The birds have been and are such delightful January entertainment.  They definitely brighten up my days.  They beckon me out and away from the woodstove.  :)  I'm trying to get in the habit of taking a walk most days, and spending time outside in the midst of nature.  My resolve weakens, though, when weather-talk is of the 'teens' and 'wind chills' and I see the tall grass seedheads waving in the wind.  My sister tells me to put layers of clothes on top of layers of clothes, lol, and that I must go shopping for a balaclava to keep my face warm.  And speaking of weather, we have had sleet this morning, and now the clouds are racing across Bluebird-blue skies.  I'm headed outside.  :)

Friday, January 09, 2015

Under the Weather

We have been sick for the last couple of weeks.  Have been huddled by the woodstove, shuffling in and out to feed the fire, stir up a pot of soup, feed the little fur beasties, curl back up in the recliner...The weather has been so very cold and gray and has not been the least bit enticing ---until today.  It is a gorgeous sunny day, a balmy 30 degrees even, although with some wind.  I would be tempted to go for a run, alas, I'm not a runner :) and tho I am feeling better today, I'm not sure I'm up to battling the wind.  So I think I will finish out this week in the recliner---and hope that next week is more conducive to 'moving about'.  Everyone stay warm and safe.  The days truly are getting a bit longer each day.

Friday, January 02, 2015

I missed a few days of Solstice greetings, but On the Twelfth Day...

"Beneath the snow and cold earth of Winter Solstice hides much, but a clear night allows the bright moonlight to shine down and illuminate everything... It symbolizes nakedness of spirit. On this first day of the new year, let's allow our authentic self to be seen and our naked truth to be revealed without fear or shame. We are beautiful. We are wise. We are luminous. Let's see ourselves clearly and shine our light!
Together, let's continue to honor The 13 Days of Solstice.
"On the twelfth day of Solstice the Goddess gave to me a moonlight revealing, delightful flowing essence, this world of magick, a unique journey, quiet contemplation, countless days of learning, time for the sacred, my hearts desire, a needed cleanse, a peaceful rest, the gift of soul, and some healing to set me free."
May the Solstice and the turning of the wheel bring you love, peace and good fortune today and always."
―The Gypsy Priestess

Thursday, January 01, 2015

January 1, 2015

"January is here, with eyes that keenly glow,
A frost-mailed warrior
striding a shadowy steed of snow."
- Edgar Fawcett

  May this new year bring you healing, laughter, love, abundance, and joy and may you be a conduit for all this to all around you. May you honor Mother Earth and may you bring healing and love wherever you go.  (copied from Shaman Tube)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year's End

As December AND 2014 draw to a close, I sit and wonder 'where did this year go'.   The month of December seems to have been one gray day followed by another gray day.  I can't remember a December that was so filled with varying shades of gray---no snow, not frigid cold, and very little sun to warm house OR bones.  Just varying shades of gray to color the majority of these December days, brightened by the flash of a Cardinal or a Blue Jay or the sweet little Towhees that have dined here during December.

It boggles the mind at how each month flew by so fast that the whole year seems to be a bit blurred.  I know there were momentous occasions throughout the year---some of them seem so distant that they could have happened years ago.

But the days are getting incrementally longer, and Mother Nature continues with her cycles.  All is well as we close the book of 2014.